About Cole Brooks Engineering, Inc.

Cole Brooks Engineering Inc. (CBE) was established in 2016 with a primary goal of leading the development of new technologies that have an impact on the world, while using generosity, integrity, and good character as core business principles. Led by Professional Engineer Cole Brooks, CBE is a highly proficient, well-balanced, enthusiastic mechanical engineering firm that specializes in design, analysis, and manufacturing of top level mechanical systems, subsystems, and sub components for aerospace, motorsports, industrial, and commercial industries. Located in San Diego, CA, CBE offers Design to Need and Build to Print services as well as internally developed products for retail market distribution.

Fueled By a Passion for Performance

Cole grew up as a child with a natural interest in the building and the breaking of the tangible world. As a teenager, Cole was heavily influenced by the off-road racing industry which ignited his passion for developing his practical skills in welding and metal fabrication as well as a desire for a deeper understanding of science and technology. What would develop into a dream to become a mechanical engineer, Cole invested years of academic dedication before graduating with honors from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.

His fulltime engineering career began immediately thereafter when he accepted an offer to join the Mechanical Systems design team at General Atomics Aeronautical, Inc. (GA-ASI) in San Diego. Cole contributed to the design and development of the Predator series unmanned aircraft, a product used heavily by the US military for reconnaissance and offensive missions. His area of influence spanned across all Predator series airframe platforms, where he developed and analyzed numerous mechanical systems for landing gear, landing gear retraction, flight controls, and utility actuation mechanisms.

With a desire to use his skills and abilities in a more widespread manner and pursue a greater level of influence in people, technologies, and industries, Cole resigned from his leadership position at GA-ASI and went on to start CBE. Cole was well regarded for his strong mechanical design intuition, theoretical and practical skills, high attention to detail, as well as his enthusiasm, and dedication to the success of his team’s product and professional relationships he made company wide.

Cole Brooks
Cole BrooksPresident, Chief Engineer
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